Welcome to the family, Chessable!

Play Magnus today made a bold move in the chess space, acquiring UK e-learning start-up Chessable.

Already a global leader in chess entertainment and education after a merger with chess24 earlier in the year, bringing Chessable into the Play Magnus family will further bolster our position and help us to create even more premier experiences for playing, learning and watching chess online.

Chessable, founded in 2016, is an innovative new player on the market, but has made significant inroads in a short time. The start-up was co-founded by amateur chess player David Kramaley as a personal tool to improve his own chess openings, in partnership with top U.S. chess coach John Bartholomew.

After being made available online, Chessable has engaged a substantial and growing user base of loyal fans who love its scientific training tools and unique chess content that now covers all aspects of chess improvement.

Magnus Carlsen, arguably the greatest player in the history of chess, said he is excited by Chessable’s unique training service and looks forward to supporting the team’s future efforts.

"I am really impressed by what David Kramaley and his team have been able to achieve in such a short time," he added.

"I believe this is a tool that can help players at different levels improve their chess games in an effective way."

Chessable uses its trademark MoveTrainer® technology to help players improve their chess via interactive courses created through partnerships with leading publishers and independent chess authors.

Thee acquisition of Chessable follows Play Magnus’ March 2019 merger with chess24, and strengthens the group's growth ambitions for chess.

For more on the announcement check out today’s update on chess24.

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Photo: Lennart Ootes