Train with Magnus in Russian or Norwegian now!

Since we first launched the Magnus Trainer app, you’ve been asking us to make our theory lessons available in other languages. We’re happy to say you can now find Russian and Norwegian lessons in the app, with more languages to come shortly!

In the Magnus Trainer app for iOS (coming soon to Android), we offer both free and premium lessons designed to help improve your chess skills. Lessons help you learn everything from strategy and tactics to openings and endgames. Each week, the Play Magnus team works hard to bring you a fresh, new lesson, usually based on one of Magnus’ most interesting games. We release these lessons every Thursday — follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Russian and Norwegian Lessons

Which lessons are available in Russian and Norwegian?

With the newest app update, you’ll have access to the first batch of lessons in Norwegian and Russian, with the rest to follow shortly. We’ve made sure that all lessons that are part of the Course are translated, along with many other premium lessons available for members. We’ll release the remaining lessons as soon as they pass quality control.

How do I access these translated lessons?

First of all, head on over to App Store and download the newest update, version 1.3.0. If you haven’t already changed your preferred language to Russian or Norwegian in the app yet, you will need to do that to get lessons in your language. Open the app, select the More tab in the bottom right corner of the screen, select Settings, then Languages. You might notice that some lessons are still in English - these lessons will be available soon.

What about other languages?

If you’re waiting for German, French and Spanish lessons, we hope you’ll be able to hold out for just a little longer. We’re starting translations shortly, but we want to make sure we iron out any kinks before we release new content.

We’ve concentrated our efforts on our users’ top five languages, but we’ll adjust the list if these trends change.

What about Android?

The Android version of Magnus Trainer, coming at the end of the year, will have all these lessons built in from the start.

That’s all for this update

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Have a great week!