St. Louis Welcomes the Chess Elite

The world’s best chess players are gathered in St. Louis, USA for three whole weeks of chess action. It’s actually two separate events: First up is a week of blitz and rapid, followed by the traditional Sinquefield Cup. Magnus Carlsen is playing both events and is the big favorite, after having shown amazing form in 2019.

The tournaments are a part of the Grand Chess Tour – a series of prestigious tournaments, culminating in a grand final among the top four performers during the season. After the first three events, Magnus Carlsen has already cemented the season’s first place as his and can be confident about securing a spot in the final.


With the performances of 2019 in mind, it’s safe to assume Magnus’ main motivation is the possibility of setting new rating records. At 2882, he’s tied for his previous high. He’s also close to his live rating record of 2889.2, which is calculated after each individual game instead of each month.

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Photo credit: Lennart Ootes