Magnus' Kingdom - Learning Chess the Fun Way

When it comes to chess or math, many people believe they are disciplines exclusive to the elite. In other words, they believe you need to be super smart to become a master of, or even just enjoy, either.

Chess? Math? Leave that to the geniuses.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end in Russia. Billions of people around the world are on the edge of their seats, enraptured by the close matches. Many of them play the game casually with their friends and don’t mind kicking the ball in the park with their kids.

They are not intimidated by the existence of athletic geniuses like Messi or Ronaldo.

They are not intimidated by the extreme training and pressure professional soccer players endure.

There are many reasons to explain this difference in people's’ attitudes towards football and chess.

One possible reason is that even though parents know how important chess can be for their kids’ cognitive skills, they don’t feel qualified enough to teach it.

Another reason is the belief that there are a lot rules in chess – too many for a young child to even comprehend. And kids generally don’t love rules…

What is clear from our experience is that even young children enjoy and benefit from chess. It has been proven that children who play chess are better prepared for the challenges of school.

But until now, it has been hard for parents to introduce young kids to the game. Many of them feel they are unqualified to teach it, and lack the tools to make the introduction to chess fun.

This is why World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen decided to create an innovative, easy, and fun way for kids to learn chess. To do this, he gathered two teams: his own grandmasters and chess experts at Play Magnus, and pedagogy experts at DragonBox, the internationally acclaimed creators of math-learning video games.

Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess introduces children ages 5 and older to the foundations of chess. It doesn’t look or feel like a training course, but below its engaging adventure graphics lays a rigorous learning experience designed by some of the world’s best learning experts.

Human minds have evolved to seek challenges. Children’s brains are particularly keen on puzzles. They don’t enjoy simple ones because they are boring, and they don’t enjoy overly complicated ones because they can be overwhelming.

That is why Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess provides a constant stream of challenges with increasing difficulty. Children love it when they beat a puzzle. They’re having fun, feeling smart and developing a sense of confidence and mastery - that is a feeling we want every kid to experience.

We want to give every child a chance to embark on the adventure of discovering a new sport, and a new skill they’ll have for the rest of their life.
With the help of an exceptional teacher.

By Play Magnus & Dragonbox