Have You Tried Out Knight Runner?

"I've always done things a little differently. That is what inspired me. Chess has always been fun, but this takes learning and training chess to a new level. Knight Runner is chess training for everyone!"
— Magnus Carlsen

Please welcome our new addition to the proud family of Play Magnus chess appsKnight Runner!

Knight Runner is a free-to-play and ad-free platform game based on chess mechanics. You take the role of a chess knight and merrily jump in L-shape across exotic locations presented as game levels. For example, in India, the story's starting point, you get to witness such iconic venues as the Taj Mahal, Harmandir Sahib, Mahabodhi, and many more. Your goal is to visit all the featured locations via special time portals and rescue all the fellow pieces held captive by villains. Get hyped to travel through India, the USA, Iceland, Norway…and even the Future! The starting number of levels is 50. Naturally, you can expect new worlds and levels to be added in the upcoming updates.


While on your quest, don't forget to admire the scenery around you and collect treasures. Stay alert, though, and make sure not to fall prey to the hostile black pieces that will be doing their best to hinder your progress by capturing you and forcing you to restart the level! Also, make sure to learn how to use exclusive tools to your advantage, such as:
• KNIGHT VISION – See all dangers with this unique ability.
• BOMBS – Explode all surrounding pieces.
• TELEPORTS – Jump between squares instantly.
• PAUSE SQUARES – Stop time and calculate your path.


The gameplay looks deceptively simple at first sight. Nevertheless, mastering Knight Runner requires tactical planning, namely, calculating what path to pursue, and a swift reaction. For newcomers to chess, this game offers a great way to familiarize oneself with the basic rules of chess. And if you are an advanced player, the thrill will probably be in keeping up the pace and navigating the landscape well enough, even if you have to restart the level sometimes to do better.


As you will see in our upcoming promotional video, the reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen has had quite rough moments while attempting to beat the game. Hence please don't underestimate the complexity of the journey and prepare for a wild and exciting ride! Once you finally complete the run successfully, you can always restart and aim for a better game score.

Good luck beating Knight Runner, and may other players' jaws drop when they get to see what high scores you were able to achieve!

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