Five ways to level up in your chess game

It is possible to become a better chess player just by playing a lot of chess, but to really see results and consistent improvement, it’s important to invest in your training. Here are five ways to level up.

1. Find a local chess club. Playing with people at or above your level is a great way to challenge yourself while opening up opportunities to participate in discussions and learn from other people. It’s also fun to spend time with people who share the same interests as you.

2. Make chess a regular activity. By practicing regularly and following routines, you will see better results than if you only train occasionally. Magnus emphasised this point back in 2016 during an interview with The Guardian:

“It was no accident that it was me rather than my peers in Norway that made it. They may have had chess training once a week and then a tournament on the weekend, like a normal hobby. But it was something I wanted to do every day, so it was only natural that I surpassed them.”

3. Study! Reading about chess theory that’s aligned with your long-term goals is a no-brainer.

4. Have fun, and don’t get too frustrated if you lose a game. Know your weaknesses, and put some effort into minimising them. Also, don’t forget to celebrate your successes on the way!

5. Try the premium lessons taught by chess experts on the Magnus Trainer App. This way you can improve all aspects of your game, and improve your chess skills through engaging, high quality games. Now also available on the web!

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