Announcing the Play Magnus Blitz™

OSLO, Norway (April 1, 2018) - Chess will never be the same.

Chess, a game full of long-lived traditions, is changing. In a fast-paced world where the status quo is change, it is more important than ever that top chess players keep up and adapt. Together with legendary shoe designer Shaw K. Matte, the Play Magnus Research and Development Labs have developed the Blitz™ — a new shoe that will revolutionize chess and take chess players to new heights.

This is the world’s first endeavor into athletic wear for elite chess players, and an exciting first step of launching our new line of performance-enhancing wear for players who need to perform their best at all times. An important next step into our company mission of modernizing chess.

The Blitz™ High-Performance Chess Shoe is specially designed for making top players rated 2500 - 3000 stay at peak performance in fast-paced games. Blitz™ shoes will include real-time performance tracking with a wireless vitals tracking system built into the sole, taking Chess Analytics to the next level. This revolutionary technology, combined with powerful analysis software, will help chess players make smarter decisions in future games.

In addition to an iconic, chess branded design inspired by Magnus Carlsen, the shoes will have several other unique features:

Flawless Fit, Breathable Comfort
The inner fabric conforms to the natural shape of your foot for a snug, sock-like feel. Your feet stay fresh and dry throughout the day with patent-pending SWAP* technology (*SWeat Absorbent Pad). Diamond Air Perforations throughout the top of your foot helps keep air flowing, whether you're tackling the intensity of a blitz game or enduring long hours of a nail-biting classic game.

Lightweight Support
The Blitz™ Propulsion Plate is made with a lightweight carbon fiber composite to provide stability so you can focus on your game. A hybrid outsole, featuring Integrated Traction grooves allows for ultra silent movement while moving around. And, it feels incredible, giving you a gravity-defying sensation.

Available in May!
The shoe is expected to launch during Altibox Norway Chess in May, with a complete collection launching during the last months before the Chess World Championship in London.