Theory Thursday #47

🤖Happy Theory Thursday!🍎 Whether you’re using Magnus Trainer on iOS 🍎 or Android 🤖, this week’s lesson is now available. Enjoy The King’s Protector, and »

Theory Thursday #46

Happy Theory Thursday! This week’s #TheoryThursday is dedicated to all you extraordinary women out there! 🙋🏻🙋🏾‍🙋🏼‍🙋🏿‍ Today, we’re bringing you an exciting lesson about an »

Theory Thursday #44

Live from Oslo - it’s Theory Thursday! It’s Fischer Random Flashback time! This week’s Theory Thursday is all about Magnus vs. Nakamura at »

Theory Thursday #43

Theory Thursday is back❣️ Theory Thursday is back with another lesson from the 2018 Tata Steel, one of Magnus’ favorite tournaments. In Two Weaknesses, we check »